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Welcome to the Southwest Florida Chapter of the Executive Women's Golf Association. We formed the chapter in 1999 with ladies primarily in the Naples area. We recently changed our name from the Naples Chapter to the Southwest Florida Chapter, and our members stretch all the way from Marco Island to Naples to Ft. Myers and beyond to Cape Coral.

Chapter Elections

Chapter Elections Are Here -  Help Shape the Future of Our Chapter!

Each year we conduct elections for our Chapter Board Members in accordance with our bylaws and the new board takes over in the fall of the year prior to Nov. 1st.


The Board positions are set up in staggered rotation so that the entire Board is not turning over in the same year. This helps to provide stability in the running of our Chapter. This year we will be electing the following:


  • President: 1 year term
  • Member Services Director- 2 year term
  • Social Events Director - 2 year term
  • Finance & Records - 2 year term



Click here for the candidates' bios.

The candidates' bios and the ballot were sent out to the membership on September 7.
The voting deadline is September 20.

Results will be announced on September 30.

New Chapter Board installed:  November 1, 2016






Nancy Stone, Nominating Committee Chair, EWGA Southwest Florida Chapter


Summer Golf Play

Come join old and new friends this summer on Thursdays for casual weekly golf from June through October!  This has been very popular in the past and we again will be playing several courses on a rotating basis.  Signup will be weekly on 123, but space is limited, so sign up and play for only the days you want. SWFL EWGA member prices range from $30 to $45 and we will be able to go into the clubs after for food and drink. Play is early in the day so that we can hopefully avoid those pesky afternoon showers so famous here in Southwest Florida! 

Date       Starting Times  Course
9/22        8:30 am           Stoneybrook
9/29        TBA                TBA
10/6        8:30-9 am        Worthington 
10/13      9:00 am            Heritage Bay
10/20      8:30 am            Vasari
10/27      8:30 am           Stoneybrook

All players must register on 123 by midnight on the Sunday before play--no exceptions! Registration will be open starting the Thursday before thru Sunday.  Cancel prior to noon Monday. Once you register you will receive an automation registration acceptance email.  If you don't receive one, your registration did not go thru.
Please contact Barb Schanmier ( or 847-840-3060 with questions or more information


There is only one more Match Play Event left to play on 9/24 at the Vineyards. We have mid morning tee times and hope you can join us not only to play, but also to celebrate the overall Summer Match Play Champions.

You can either participate in the Match Play and try to win as many points possible, for the individual win and add to your overall points, by playing two 9 hole matches or you are welcome to play just for fun. 
Sign up on 123 is open.   
Here are the standings after 3 events:

Handicap <19.9 

Kerstin Koenig     30.5
Sharon Turnblad    24
Mo White    21
Brittany Crawford    13
Sue Kennedy    13
Carol Wilsey    10
Stephanie Truchan    10
Jennie Taylor    9
Vivian Ebert    8.5
Marianne Meola    8.5

Handicap > 20.0

Nancy Stone    38
Carol Mirando    33.5
Barb Ballard    31
Beth Marcotte    29.5
Carole Stansfield    25
Cindi Debrino    23
Barb Murtagh    20
Patty Gift    17
Sue Shaeffer    16
Judy Freiberg    14.5
Lori Drumm    14.5
Cheryl McDonnell    12
Barb Schanmier    10.5
Anne Schwab    10

 First Annual 2016 Member-Guest Golf Tournament

We are pleased to announce our First Annual 2016 Member-Guest Golf Tournament on Oct 15 2016 at Spring Run Golf Club. Invite 1-3 guests and play with them in this four person best ball format so they can learn about EWGA and have some fun. Lunch, gifts and prizes are included in the price. We will also be raffling off one free membership. Because there is a limited capacity for this event, we recommend advanced registration. Click on the link below to register online and reserve your seat. Register

Save the date - Pink Flamingo

Pink Flamingo - October 23rd  - Southwest Chapter vs  Palm Beach Chapter - 2 person Team Match Play 

Hammock Bay, 830a shotgun start with lunch and trophy presentation to follow 
Partner handicaps should be within 8 strokes as that is the maximum giving for team. 

Don't worry if you don't have a playing partner, we'll match you up to play.

Monthly Evening Play & Learn Event at Alico Family Golf
Fun Short Course with yardages of 33 to 75 yards. Real greens and a great time to learn, practice and play the game while you improve your overall scores.

An Alico Family Golf PGA Pro will play with us and provide tips to improve our game.

Date and Time:  October 18th (arrive early if you want to warm up)

Cost: $25 covers cost to play and Pro's time

Sign Up: Use 123 Sign Up

Come Early and Receive a Free Small Bucket of Balls to warm up on the driving range prior to our Plan and Learn EWGA event.

Description: A PGA Pro will provide tips to "tune up" our short game while we play the new 9 hole chip and putt course with night lights at Alico Family Golf. We will gather afterward in AFG's party/meeting room. Beer, wine, soft drinks and snacks are available for purchase and they are offering drink specials! Specials include $2.50 draft beer and $3.00 wine. Free popcorn & water bottles will be provided by Alico Family Golf.

Location:  Alico Family Golf 16300 Lee Road, Fort Myers 33912. Phone: 239-334-4653 (located off of Alico Rd about 1 mile west of I-75)

Questions: EWGA Hostess for this event is Renee Porter-Medley, if you have questions email:  or call or text mobile: 239-247-2444

Afternoon 9 & Unwind on most Thursdays at 4pm

We are a relaxed, small  group of golfers of varying skill levels (some do not even have a handicap) who like to play 9 holes. Many of us still work so that's why we play at 4pm.
We play at more centrally located courses in North Naples, Bonita  or Estero and usually announce the location the Monday or Tuesday before because we often are unable to get tee times any earlier or are not sure who is able to play. Weather and sometimes work schedules can get in the way so that's why we say most Thursdays
If you like to be added to our 9 & Unwind email notification list contact the Co-Coordinator Renee Porter-Medley at or text or call  239-247-2444


Have you ever had a great time playing golf and one or more of your playing partners did not?  Or maybe they’re having fun and you’re not?  What’s that all about…shouldn’t we all be able to have fun at the same time? What’s the disconnect?  Let’s consider some easy ways to increase the chance of everyone having fun at the same time.


·         Life Challenges – things happen in life that have nothing to do with golf and yet can affect our golfing time.  A sick family member, work pressures, an argument or misunderstanding and more, can make for a rough day.  If it is your playing partner – now is the time to be empathetic, be a listening ear if necessary and encourage them to enjoy their time ‘away from it all’.  If it is you… let your playing partners know you have had a rough day.  Do your best to focus on the moment - enjoy the beauty of the course, tap into the wildlife and your wonderful playing partners.  While it may not be easy, try to bring your thoughts to the present moment and the beauty that surrounds you.   You just may find your burden lifting and a new found perspective.

·         Golf game is off!  Putts aren’t dropping and the ball is finding every sand bunker and on the course – days like this happen. . . If this is describing your round, now is the time to put things into perspective and monitor your emotions on the course.  This is golf after all – you are not conducting brain surgery, closing a mega million-dollar deal that will shelter the homeless and you are probably not headed for the LPGA Tour. Take a reality check, start finding the humor in it all and lighten up.  If you are playing with someone who is having an off game understand that some people experience a lot of frustration when their expected skill level just isn’t there. This isn’t the time to offer advice or tips to improve their game unless asked - be empathic, help look for the wayward shots, only comment on the good shots and focus your attention and enjoyment on your game, your surroundings and the other positive things that are occurring.

·         Slow play.  If you like a brisk pace and you find yourself waiting on every hole, it’s time to take a deep breath, kick back and focus on other things.  Share some jokes, tell a story, get to know each other better.  You have no control over the current situation so figure out ways to not let it ruin your day.  If it is your playing partners who seem to be out for a Sunday stroll and are holding up others, perhaps some nicely made suggestions can get everyone moving a little quicker.

·         Competitive or social golf? It’s up to each individual to determine that for themselves, not their playing partners.  Golf can be both competitive and social and it can be done simultaneously by different players in the same foursome. As long as this isn’t a tournament and the round is not going to be posted or used for prizes – does it matter how other golfers choose to play?  Rules “experts and enforcers” back away – it can be incredibly intimidating and unenjoyable to social and new golfers to be reminded how they are not abiding by the rules.  (This is different from pace of play issues) As long as the other golfers aren’t keeping you from playing how you want to, let everyone play as they want to. This is the time to focus on what makes an enjoyable round of golf for you!

·         Playing partners are at significantly different skill levels. Better players may get frustrated playing with newer or less skilled golfers while those higher handicap golfers may be intimated by the better players or worried because they are not as good. This can cause stress for everyone, put a damper on an otherwise terrific day and for some, end up being their last round with your Chapter.  Golfers of all levels can more easily play together if they acknowledge the situation up front and come up with a strategy to address it ahead of time.  Some examples are: agreeing to play ready golf (explain/teach/demonstrate/guide them on what this means), agreeing to be open to etiquette and pace of play tips, newer or higher handicap players playing a scramble format or agreeing to pick up when appropriate - play to double par or double bogie then dropping the ball on the green to take a max of two putts.

Remember that there will be golfers who are better then you and you will be better than others.  That doesn’t mean you can’t play together and still have fun.  Golf is a terrific way to meet a variety of people – don’t limit yourself and potential opportunities - expand your playing partners to include all levels of golfers. 

At the end of the day. . . IT’S JUST GOLF!



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Now is the ideal time to take advantage of ‘end of the season’ EWGA logoed apparel.  Find that perfect top to wear for your Chapter’s ‘End of Season Event’, Member Recruitment Event, EWGA Championship, EWGA Cup Qualifier, and much more!

Check out the colossal deals at the EWGA Clearance Webpage and the EWGA Salebration Webpage

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Social Events

Things Your Mother Never Told you - Of Interest to Women
Presented by Joanna Chon, MD

Wednesday, September 28th at 5:30 PM, Brio's Restaurant, Waterside Shoppes Naples, FL.  

Learn about the conditions of the bladder and other female anatomy that may have a future health impact for you.  Dr. Chon brings her charm and expertise when discussing many female health conditions that your mother never talked to you about.

Have cocktails and hors d'oeurves while interacting in a discussion guaranteed to be enlightening.

$10 per person with a cash bar.  Sign up on 123.
Witches Tea - SAVE THE DATE!!
Save the Date!!  Witches Tea, Tuesday October 25 at South Street Bar and Grill.  Start looking for your best witches garb to wear to our happy hour.  Prizes for the prettiest, ugliest, and golf related outfits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






Hot News From EWGA HQ

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EASY AS 1-2-3

Click here  to register for an SWFL EWGA event.
  • ALL members, guests and non-members of SWFLEWGA must go to our 123 signup system to register for all events by the stated deadline and BEFORE arriving at the event.  Here's the procedure:
  • CLICK ON THE     
  • You will almost immediately get a confirmation email back saying you have registered. 
  • If you haven't registered or want to bring a guest after the registration deadline but before the actual event, please contact the Event Coordinator to see if there is still availability.
  • For most events, if the event sells out, you can still register and you will be put on a wait list.  The wait list will be in the order registrations are received (no skipsies!).  The Event Coordinator will contact you if you are able to attend.
  • If you have successfully registered for an event but need to cancel prior to the stated cancellation deadline, please contact the Event Coordinator as there may be a waiting list. 
  • If you are entitled to a refund, you will receive a check in the mail (less the $10 cancel fee) within 30 days.  
  • And lastly, paying by credit card (MC, Visa or Discover, no AMEX) when you register is the recommended method of payment. We do not accept credit cards at most of our events.


EWGA SWFL Hole-in-One Insurance
The tradition of celebrating the rare feat of a Hole-In-One with your fellow players is well established, and, as the odds of getting a hole in one, very roughly, are 12,500 to 1 for an amateur player, it is indeed reason to celebrate!
The resulting bar bill from the celebration round of drinks traditionally bought for fellow players that day can be daunting, which is why we encourage you to purchase SWFL Chapter Hole-in-One Insurance for just $5. Don't be that person that just sneaks away without celebrating your shot of a lifetime!
The fund was established to help subsidize the traditional celebration of buying drinks should a Chapter member get a coveted Hole-in-One in any official Southwest Florida Chapter event or outing.
Having submitted a paid bar bill receipt to the Event Chair, the player will be reimbursed by the Chapter Board for that expense, not to exceed the total amount of funds held in the Hole-In-One account, which fluctuates depending on how many Chapter members participate, and how many Hole-In-Ones are paid out.
Following payout for Hole-In-One celebrations, should the fund fall below $250, participating members will be asked to reinvest $5 to help cover the next celebration(s). Members can elect to participate in the insurance program at any time by paying the $5 fee at any Chapter related event.
Only members that have paid for the insurance in advance will be reimbursed for Hole-In-One celebration expenses so don't run the risk. Your next round may be the one......  SIGN UP NOW!                    

If you do not see your name on THIS LIST and you have paid please contact:


Calendar of Events
Thursday, 15 - Summer Golf Play: Vasari
Tuesday, 20 - Play & Learn: Alico Family Golf
Thursday, 22 - Summer Golf Play: Stoneybrook
Saturday, 24 - Summer Match Play Series
Wednesday, 28 - Women's Health Talk: Brio
Thursday, 29 - Summer Golf Play: TBA

Thursday, 6 - Summer Golf Play: Worthington
Thursday, 13 - Summer Golf Play: Heritage Bay
Saturday & Sunday - 15-16 - EWGA Championship Finals; Lansdowne Resort, VA
Tuesday, 18 - Play & Learn: Alico Family Golf
Thursday, 20 - Summer Golf Play: Vasari
Tuesday, 25 - Witches Tea: South Street Bar & Grill
Thursday, 27 - Summer Golf Play:  Stoneybrook


WHY HAVE A HANDICAP Click here for the answer.







Biggest Loser Competition - Update
All of those who are participating in the Biggest Loser Competition have just about 7 weeks to turn up their game! Here is the most recent update:

Kerstin Koenig 0.4  
Marianne Meola 2.2  
Mourine White 1.6  
Natalia Armstrong -3.9 4th
Mary Burke 4.4  
Doreen Doyle -0.3  
Patty Gift 4.1  
Connie Haacke -1.1  
Carol Mirando -1.7  
Cindi DeBrino -0.8  
Lori Drumm 0.5  
Rashida Loya-Bova -1.6  
Barbara Murtagh -2.2  
Becky Ross 0.1  
Minsun Troyer -7.4 1st
Nancy Stone -1.6  
Mary Gignac -0.5  
Beth Marcotte -2.4  
Cindy Otto 3  
Anne Schwab -1.6  
Susan Shaeffer 0.4  
Barb Ballard -7.3 3rd
Rosemary Christie -3.5  
Eileen Huff -9.1 2nd
Sarah Kelly 1.4  
Barb Levatich -2.8  
Barb Schanmier -5.3  

EWGA App for Mobile Phones

Have you downloaded it yet?
Do you forget to post your score when you get home?  Download our app for your mobile device so you can post it between then end of the round and lunch.  You use the same log on information as the EWGA website. 


Don't forget to cheer on our biggest lose competitors who are logging rounds like crazy to see who can skinny up their handicap.  Hit 'em straight! 




Thinking of becoming a sponsor for SWFL EWGA?

Click here for the brochure.

Click here for information about our current sponsors.


Click here to view our event policies and procedures.
Any non-member participating in an EWGA league or golf event is required to sign a Release and Indemnification Agreement. These forms will be available at the event.
Click here to view.


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CME Tour Championship

Calling All LPGA Golf Enthusiasts!

CME Group Tour Championship

The Season-ending event on the US Based LPGA Tour will be played November 14-20, 2016 at Tiburon Golf Club in Naples. Our SWFL EWGA Chapter is once again privileged to Marshal the Par 3 Hole 5 during this tournament and we are actively seeking volunteers.

No previous experience is necessary.

Marshals: Marshals ensure fair play among all participants as well as safety for spectators, and are stationed at locations throughout the course. Focus is on the tees, landing areas, greens and spectator crosswalks.

The CME requests that you participate in 3 days of the event, but we welcome any of our members and their friends and spouses who would like to help cover the tournament days.
To volunteer, please click the following link:

(Once there, create your login, or use your existing login for previous years)

Enter all of your contact information, select Hole # 5 for your first volunteer position choice (you must still select your 2nd and 3rd choices, but will only be assigned to Marshal hole #5) and email Deanne Butindaro ( or Eileen Huff ( our volunteer coordinators, who will be scheduling our members to cover the tournament.

CME Volunteer apparel is required and all volunteers receive lunch and grounds passes. Remember, your EWGA membership entitles you to Grounds Passes, as well. So get some friends together and cover a day at Tiburon for a wonderful inside the ropes experience